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Who we are...

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Licensed Substance Use Treatment Agency since 2017.

Founded in 2017, Access Wellness and Recovery Center (formerly known as Access Evaluation and Education Services)  is a privately held, woman-owned business located in Waterloo, Iowa. It employs a diverse team of people  Licensed and Certified in their profession to offer the very best integration of wellness and recovery efforts available in the area.  This small team approach to wellness and recovery makes a big difference.  We are able to service anyone in the State of Iowa using Telehealth services or in-person services at our office or other locations.   We are a small personalized office that affords a  private,  professional, discrete location.  

 Inclusive, Integrated, and Compassionate services by some of the very best, experienced professionals.

Why Access?
Access Wellness and Recovery Center

3640 Canterbury Court 
Waterloo, IA 50702
   Main         (319) 252-4631
Dr.Bonebrake  (319) 595-1181


Small Team.  BIG Difference

Iowa Targeted Small Business
Safe Space LGBTQIA+
Medication For Addiction Treatment

With Board Certifications in both  Addiction  AND Famly Practice, Dr. Ted Bonebrake is able to offer medication for addiction treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder, and others as well as provide ongoing personalized general family praictice care and services.

DHS Involved

Mothers and Fathers who may be involved with DHS due to Drug or Alcohol related investigations.

Legal Charges

Alcohol or Drug related charges. We provide the minimum information allowed  for your privacy

and dignity as indicated  in 42 CFR Part 2.  

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Education and Psychoeducation, including Cannabis Education. (including diversion programming)

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Get help with Addiction
Outpatient Services

Not everyone who needs a substance use evaluation requires treatment or counseling services.  But if you do, we can help you develop a personalized recovery plan with level 1.0 Extended Outpatient Services or  level.05 Education Services or referral to a higher level with the provider of your choice.

We are able to provide overall Wellness for you to assist in addressing all aspects of your recovery

We provide evaluations necessary for inpatient residential placement anywhere in the US 

Same or Next Day Appointments!

No waiting.

No lengthy intake process.

*Call for details and availablity. 

Evening and

We do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Referral for Inpatient/ Residential Services
Onsite Laboratory Services

Urine Drug Testing

HIV and  Hepetitus Screening

STI Testing


GeneSight Genetic Testing

Family Medical Services 
Team Building

Family Practice  Clinic 

Professional Track

The Professionals In Recovery Program is designed to meet the special needs of professional and licensed individuals with addiction issues.

We provide individual co-occurring and extended outpatient treatment services,  UA testing, and assistance navigating various professional licensing board program requirements. If approved by your licensing entity, these services can also be provided remotely.

OWI Classes, SAP
DOT and Court Requirements

321J DOT Approved Provider for 12-Hour OWI Classes and  Substance Use Evaluations. 

Substance Abuse  Professional Services are available for DOT Federal violations.

You can also schedule your OWI Evaluation the same weekend as your class.

Telehealth OR In-Person 

Anywhere in the State of Iowa.

Private and Secure Telehealth Platform.

Discrete physical location.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

Is your public transportation profession regulated by the Federal Department of Transportation? 
Click here to learn about how we can help you if  you tested 
positive for drugs or alcohol in your Federal DOT Safety Sensitive  Pre-employment or Professional Duties

Provider for UNI Students 
On Campus Wednesdays

Consult, Education, Treatment Services.

Collaboration with Student Health and Counselor Centers only if requested.

Mental Health
&  Mental Wellness


We offer Mental Health Therapy and Prescribing 

Mental health

12-Hour OWI Class for Drinking Drivers

...ask about an Evaluation for the same weekend! 

This course satisfies the requirement for OWI offenses in Iowa.
The course is all day on Saturday and  Sunday morning until noon.  The  cost for the Course is set by the State of Iowa at $180.00.  BOTH days are required for completion. 
NON_REFUNDABLE  $50 deposit  is required for class reservations. 
Request appointment

Request an Appointment with a Provider

Preference of location:
Preferred Day(s) of the Week
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Contact / Location
Access Wellness and Recovery Center Waterloo iowa.

Conveniently located just off Hwy 20 in Waterloo, Iowa.

If you need an immediate appointment,
please contact our office by phone (319)252-4631 to receive a faster response.

If you are experiencing an emergency, contact 911 or go to the closest emergency room.

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